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Account Profile

This login feature allows users to update their user account profile, change their password or view our terms and conditions for using our site.

How to Use
  1. If user is logged in, open the Side Menu page. Pressing the > (right arrow) next to their user name opens up the Account Profile page.
  2. Three buttons will appear:
    • Update Profile – this allows users to update their name, address, contact numbers and email address.
    • Change Password – this allows users to change their password.
    • View Terms and Conditions – this provides users the terms and conditions applicable while using our site.
  3. The Update Profile button opens the Update Profile page, which provides input boxes so users can update their:
    • Name (First and Last Name).
    • Address (Country, Street, City, State/Province and Zip code).
    • Phone numbers (Day, Evening, Mobile and Fax numbers).
    • Email address
    • When finished, press the Save button.
  4. The Change Password button opens the Change Password page, which provides input boxes for users to input:
    • Their old password, new password and confirm the new password.
    • When finished, press the Save button.
  5. The View Terms and Conditions button opens our Terms and Conditions page, which allows users to read the stipulations for using our site.

Special Note: We encourage all users with a login user account to keep their profiles up-to-date. That will ensure users can be properly contacted.