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Empty Checker

This feature has both a free component that allows users to check the status of empty containers (when taken out as an import). And if logged in, allows users to check the status of all empty containers associated to them.

How to Use
  1. From the Home page, press the Empty Checker button. If a terminal is not selected, users will be prompted to select one.
  2. If user hasn’t logged in, the Equipment Search page appears:
    • Under Search Type, select Empty In Container.
    • Under Number To Search, in Container # to search.
    • Press the Search button.
  3. If Container # is found, the Equipment Details page will list:
    • Container #, Container Size, SSCO (shipping line), Return Status, and Gate Out Date, Consignee, Trucker Code, Appointment (date/time, if one exists) if user is logged in, otherwise these fields will be blank.
  4. If Container # is not found, a ‘No Records found’ flash message will appear.
  5. To do another search, press + by Equipment Search
  6. If user has logged in, two buttons will appear:
    • Empty Equipment – this allows users to search for an empty in container (similar to users who haven’t logged in).
    • View All My Empties – this added feature allows users to view all empty in containers associated to their user account.
  7. If the View All My Empties button is pressed:
    • A list of Empty In | Container Numbers will appear. Pressing + or - by Container Number opens or closes each container’s details.
    • If the indicator Empty In (Stray) appears, that implies that empty did not originate from that terminal.
    • A ‘Scroll for more or click here’ message may appear if there are more records. Pressing it will display more records.