Help Menu

Home Page

Our Home page offers features that provide our users a simple and easy means to access terminal-related information.

How to Use

The Home page includes the following functional components:
  1. A Select Terminal drop-down allows users to select a terminal. Once selected, it will display the terminal’s logo and inform users what terminal data is being accessed.
  2. Below that are the Feature Buttons, which opens a feature:
    1st row: Import Inquiry, Export Inquiry, Gate Inquiry
    2nd row: Vessel Schedule, Notifications, Appointments
    3rd row: Terminal Info, Daily Message and Empty Checker
  3. A Side Menu icon is at the top left. This displays our features in a list format. Pressing the > (right arrow) will also open each feature.
  4. A Help Menu icon is next to the Side Menu icon. This provides help to users to understand what each feature does and how to use it.
  5. A Home icon is found at top right. Pressing this from any feature page will return users back to our Home page.
  6. If a user is logged on, a Logon icon will appear (by the Home icon). It will signify a user has access to our secure features. From the Side Menu, users can Log Off, or update their Account Profile by pressing the > (right arrow) next to their user name.

Note: Depending on the terminal, some feature buttons may be enabled or disabled (which will appear pale in color).