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Our Mobile site provides users with both free and secured terminal information. Having a login user account will allow users to access all of our features (depending which features a terminal has activated).
  1. The following are free features available to all users:
    • Daily Message – a daily priority message from the terminal.
    • Import Inquiry – used to check import container availability statuses.
    • Empty Checker – the free portion of this feature is used to check the status of empty containers (when taken out as an import).
    • Export Inquiry – used to check export booking or release statuses.
    • Terminal Info – provides users directions to the terminal, contact and general information about the terminal.
    • Vessel Schedule – used to search vessel, gate and cargo schedules.
  2. The following are secure features requiring a login user account:
    • Appointments – allows users to make, modify or delete appointments for import, export or empty containers into or out of the terminal.
    • Empty Checker – the secure portion of this feature will provide a user with their list of all empty containers (taken out as import containers).
    • Gate Inquiry – allows users to inquire about container or chassis EIR (equipment interchange receipt) details.
    • Notifications – allows users to set up email alert notifications as key import container events occur.

Note: For any secure features requiring a login user account, users will be prompted to first sign in before they can access them.