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Vessel Schedule

This free feature allows users to check vessel, gate and cargo schedules.

How to Use
  1. From the Home page, press the Vessel Schedule button. If a terminal is not selected, users will be prompted to select one.
  2. When the Search Schedule page appears:
    • Under Steamship Line, default is All in List, or select a line.
    • Under Time Period, default is Past/Future 15 Days (15 days back and 15 days forward from today’s date), or select a time period.
    • Under Vessel Listing, default is All Vessels, or filter by arriving, departing or working vessels.
    • Press Search button.
  3. A list of Vessels will appear.
    • Pressing + or - by Vessel name opens or closes each vessel’s schedule details. When opened, it will display:
    • SSCO (shipping line), Arriving Voyage No., Estimated Arrival, Start Work (vessel work start time), Departing Voyage, Departure (time), Gate Cutoff, Empty Release and Full and/or Reefer Start (times).
    • A ‘Scroll for more or click here’ message may appear if more there are more records. Pressing it will display more vessels.
  4. To do another Vessel Schedule search, press + by Search Schedule

Note: Users can reduce the list of vessels displayed by selecting a specific shipping line, the time period, or vessels that are arriving, already departed or are currently being worked.